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& Returns

Shipping Policy

Please note that we currently use The Courier Guy Store-to-Door Delivery at an extra cost. If you would like to pick up your own parcel or use your own courier, ensure to select the "Store Pickup" option in the checkout menu. Contact us if you have any other concerns or questions.

Return & Exchange Policy

Electronic components that are broken or not working can be returned to the store within 30 days of purchase and exchanged for the same or similar component. Components that have been soldered on can not be accepted for return or exchange. Components that were blown due to a short or other negligent actions do not qualify to be returned or exchanged. Focus while you Work.

If you purchased one of our DIY Kits and for any reason it does not work or you are not satisfied please don't hesitate to contact us!

Our Technicians will be happy to help with your kit in store!

Electro Kits's Devices are all manufactured at our HQ in Pretoria. All our products are designed with certain standards and goals in mind.
One of our goals is to produce sustainable, quality products that will last. We 3D print all the enclosures for our devices
with PLA Plastic which is a biodegradable plastic and the electronic parts can also be re-used or recycled.

PLA or Polyactic Acid: Obtained from renewable and natural raw materials.

PLA plastic (HDT) Heat Deflection Temperature is 52°C, This is why any 3D printed object made from PLA Plastic should
not be left in the sun or exposed to temperatures exceeding 52°C. When PLA plastic is heated over 52°C the plastic will lose it’s structure and miss-form.

Each Product we make is assembled by hand and tested thoroughly to meet our quality standards. All products have a 12 Month Warranty, it is important to note that the Warranty is VOID if there is any evidence of damage, water or interference or tampering on or inside of the devices. Each Product is allocated a serial number which is necessary for the return of any products. Products that have been returned under warranty will be repaired and returned to the user.  

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