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About Us

Electro Kits is a company with roots deep within the Moot. We are a trusted and professional electronics store with a variety of quality product ranges .

For the first time ever, Electro Kits was introduced to the world wide web in October 2019 as an Online Electronics store!

Electro Kits is also more than just an online store, we design, manufacture and create our own devices and products. Our aim is to start manufacturing electronic components locally again.

Meet The Team:

Our head in store is AJ Jacobs,

with over 30+ Years experience with electronics, AJ is here to help with any questions, projects or requests you might have regarding electronics.

Electro Kits has exceptionally high standards regarding customer service and quality control in our business.

Meet the Team



Electronic Parts

Visit our Online Shop!

Power Amplifiers

Custom built RMS power amplifiers. 

Coming Soon

Educational Kits

Whether for school, college or a project. 

You name it, we kit it! 

Circuit No BG.png

PCB Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing for the Inventor, Hobbyist or for Business! 

Technical Support

If you need assistance, advise or help with electronics. 

Just Ask!

Turntable Repairs

We would love to get that top spinning again with our repairs and maintenance services

Part sourcing button.png

Parts sourcing

Struggling to find electronic parts?

Maybe we can help!

Even if we don't stock it we can help find what you need!

What our customers have to say:

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