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LM358 - Op Amp 8Pin IC

LM358 - Op Amp 8Pin IC


LM358 IC is a dual operational amplifier integrated circuit with two Op-Amp powered by a common power supply. It consists of two independent compensated operational amplifiers with low power and high gain frequency. LM358 is specially designed to operate from a single supply over a wide range of voltage.



  • Split Supplies. VCC. VCC, VEE. ±16. Vdc. ...
  • Input Common Mode Voltage Range. VICR. -0.3 to 32. Vdc. Output Short Circuit Duration. ...
  • °C. Thermal Resistance, Junction-to-Air (Note 2) Case 846A. Case 751. Case 626. ...
  • Storage Temperature Range. Tstg. -65 to +150. °C.
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