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TIL112 - Opto-Coupler 6 Pin

TIL112 - Opto-Coupler 6 Pin


Optically-Coupled Isolator TIP112


Input Diode:

VR Reverse Voltage: 3V

IF Forward dc Current: 100mA

Ipk Peak Forward Current at 1 p,s pulse width, 300 pps

Po Power Dissipation at TA = 25°C Derate Linearly from 25 ° C: 150mW


Output Transistor

V CE   Collector-to-Emitter Voltage: 20V

VCB   Collector-to-Base Voltage: 30V

Po      Power Dissipation at TA  = 25°C Derate Linearly from 25°C 150mW

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