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XH-M602  - Automatic Battery Charger Regulator Module

XH-M602 - Automatic Battery Charger Regulator Module


This XH-M602 Battery Charger has an integrated Power Supply and works off 220V AC. The power supply output is connected through an onboard relay, so when the battery voltage drops below the set value, the module will start the charger. When the battery is charged (to the set voltage), it will turn off the charger, thus protecting the battery against overcharging. Charge voltages can be set from 3.7 to 120V. The ranges are changed by holding the left (minimum) or right (maximum) button longer.



Input Voltage: AC 220V

Charge Voltage: 3.7V - 120V

Display Precision: 0.1V

Control Precision: 0.1V

Output Type: output switch

Voltage Tolerance: +/-0.1V

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